Madani IFF 2022 - UfukUfuk is the farthest boundary of our sight, the boundary between the earth and the sky. Madani International Film Festival.

The most common image as we read the word ufuk (in English, horizon) is the boundary between the sky and the earth that we see from a beach. One can see waves, a vast sea, the blue sky, and a line that seems infinite, only bounded by the limits of our vision, far in a distance. In many literary works, the horizon is often synonymous with an open mind, imagination, and broad hope. In the thematic and programmatic contexts, we interpret horizon, among others, through a focus on ideas and imagination as well as the horizon of thinking in Islamic world cinema, which offers a horizon of a new, more just, and compassionate civilization, along with their socio-cultural contexts in all the focuses of our program this year.

"This is no ordinary film festival. This film festival aims to raise diversity, tolerance and other important issues. Congratulations to Madani for taking such an extraordinary initiative and breakthrough."

- Dr. Hilmar Farid

"Madani takes a unique niche, positioning itself as an inclusive celebration by taking on current issues. Madani brings Islamic films into everyday life in various aspects and perspectives."

- Danton Sihombing